Far far from a fair distance
In a strong solid mud where
I am stuck.
In a hopeless world of mine (shack)
but a warm sweet home of underground citizens(rats).

Where dishes are no longer used for food
but are swimming pools for
rats, and dams for thirsty cats.

Let alone pots
that are traps to
kill flies and all other insects
with old unhealthy food
that was cooked a long time ago.

A steel bed that is supported with bricks
with silky old blankets
that were left by a grand-grandfather
that give no peaceful dreams,
just nightmares.

In a death place, that’s where I am,
with a unique positive view
and a sharp look inside that slum.
Minding not about the situation that I’m in.

It’s a temporary situation
Why would I be worried?
Even though I’ve fallen
I know I’ll rise,
Oh yes, from this hopeless place I will rise.