You have been abused
Your hair is messy
Dress stained with blood
You can barely walk
You are lost and nowhere to be found
You can barely see

Your nose is broken
By the beast that abused you
You are bruised from head to toe
You are confused and have no idea on what to do

You have been crying for weeks and months
Your heart aches and you want revenge
The trust you once had is all gone
It’s very hard to look at yourself in the mirror

You are disgusted by yourself
You always have nightmares and flashbacks
You are a teenager, only fifteen,
And you are scared for your own life
The self-confidence you once had is all gone

People see you
And they think you have healed
But when you look at yourself
All you see is pain, bruises, blood and tears

You want your life back the way it was
But you are constantly thinking of your past
And you are the victim

Can the beast look people in the eye,
And say he is not guilty?