I don’t always respond but,
This question needs an answer,
Are you really what makes me complete?
Are you really the one for me?
You are the only answer I have,
You are the answer to all of the riddles in my heart,

You are the cardiac bone that protects my heart
Impendulo Impendulo,
Do I always get it? Do I deserve it?
After seeing you my heart responded,
After seeing you my heart shouted yes,
I don’t always have an answer because,
You are what I need to live and
You are what I need to survive
When will I be answered?
When will I be redirected?

I know your love is unquestionable,
But will I be able to handle it,
That is the only answer I need and,
The only response I seek from you
Wena uyimpendulo yami
(You are the answer I need)
You carry a lot of information,
With only one name hanging from it,
The answer we’re all seeking from you