What did I do to deserve this?
Did I sin that much to deserve this?!
All my life was dedicated to her.
I never wronged her. I never lied
To her. Why me? Does it mean that
I was not good enough?

I never lied to her! I never cheated!
Why do bad hings happen to good people?
Is this the end of a beautiful story?
Is this the end of a Cinderella story?
Is this the end of our love?
Is this the end of our happiness?

Why now? Why after three years of
Happiness, joy and laughter? She
Never sneezed to show that her snow
Froze. She vanished like a smoke in
The sky. She sank like a stone in
The ocean. Why me of all people?
Why do I deserve this betrayal?
Who said I must deserve such betrayal?

No one deserves this, everyone
Deserves happiness. Although my love
For her cannot be contextualised, we
Have taken journeys that don different
Paths, we have crossed a river with no
Return, the love has vanished into the
Thin air, the silver cup has been broken