You keep hoping that it will happen.
Your thoughts do not want to forget about him.
Your fantasies look like real dreams.
You want to be loved clearly.

But you keep knocking in the wrong door.
You have knocked in that door,
He did not open but replied.
It’s hurting I know.

Why are you leaning on that door?
Move to the next.
It will probably be opened.
You hurting your own heart because you keep hoping.
He replied but did not give you what you wanted.

You leaning on that door,
Hoping he will come around.
Move on, why can’t you?
Yes, He is damn cute.
But he doesn’t recognise your love for him.

He doesn’t see what you see.
Love is blind, clearly you are blind.
Move on. Don’t fight a fight less battle.
You keep hurting, thinking and thinking about him.

He doesn’t want to be with you.
He tried to friend zone you,
Well he did. Move on.
Why can’t you move on?