Yes she is my mother
and she is my motto.
Unlike fathers who always
talk about gambling or

She is the one who gives
me motivation and the importance
of valuing education.

I always remember her
words and motivation.
Her love and care
always reminds me that I’m living.

Her everyday advice are like
the stream of life flowing,
quietly under beautiful trees
in a deep valley.

Always giving positive thoughts
like the fastest sport car
winning the race in a relay.
Every first day of a week she
prepares me custard and jelly.

So then why should I not
honour her love? When I turn
to be savage, she salvages my life.
Her love to me is not like haze.
It is intellect and apparent.

Her good advice are like a
ladder that I have to climb to
Reach my goals, dreams and
win my battles. What an intelligent
mother I have.