I don’t have to tell you where I am from
all these rags that are glued to my
skin can publicise a lot about my origin,
the national wear that has decorated
my body can tell your eyes how
creative my society has improved.

I don’t have to waste my breathe
wwhispering into your ears about the
type of food that my mouth swallows

All of these chambos dancing kwasakwasa
on my plate will tell you what my ancestors
grew up feasting their mouths on.

I don’t have to boast about where I
grew up like a blue gum tree,
For these feet that never kissed any shoes
can lead you to my root sof origin
My mouth is too shy to tell
you where I was stretched up like a ruler.

I don’t have to tell you that I have
never seen a doctor before in my entire
life with my own naked eyes for
I am my own doctor, the leaves you
see around my house can agree with me
I just thank God for creating the environment

I don’t have to write a book for you to
know that I didn’t step out the door
of the University, for my feet were dirty.

I didn’t enter inside its house to admire
the beauty planted in it. I thought
I was going to waste my time with it,
For I chose to judge it from outside
though they say “never judge a book
by its cover.”