Everything is crumbling down,
What seemed to be a happy life forever
has turned to hard rock.
How did things suddenly go south?
Where did our laughter go?
Where did our beautiful intimacy go?
What is wrong that we can not fix?
Everything was going perfectly fine
but when I turned to look,
I was in the middle of an ocean.
How did I even get here?
You and I where always inseparable, untouchable.
Will I be wrong to say there is a third wheel?
Or we just found ourselves off the railroad?
I could be paranoid, going through distress
and the mind has painted its own pictures.
Please tell me I’m wrong,
tell me it will all be over.
I miss our skins touching, our lips meeting,
our hands driving to imaginable places
and our long loving conversations.
Where did we go wrong?
I guess we just missed intimacy
then the spark vanished
and the heart froze
longing to melt once again.