If loving you
Is for happiness only then
I don’t wanna love you!

If loving you
Is for fun then
I don’t wanna love you!

If loving you
Is to show off then
I don’t wanna love you!

My love for you is priceless,
I love you now, tomorrow and
I wanna love you forever,
Only if that’s cool with you,
I know I make my mistakes
And you forgive me and sometimes
I am hard when it comes to
Understanding your mistakes.

But trust me when I say
I love you for that
Not one of my mistakes
All I am asking is
Give me a chance
To be a Man
In this beautiful love of ours.

I know I am broke but
That does not make me a lesser Man,
My time will come and I will be God
You know I will provide abundantly.

You’re a queen,
But what’s the point
Of being a queen without a king?
Will I remain a prince in your life?

The love I am giving you now
Is not enough because I am only a prince,
If I was a king already, I promise
You would experience the meaning of Love!
Take your time, my love
I am in no rush!