When we look at things at the first time;
they seem to be perfect just the way they
are and we never knew that one day they
will ever change.

Until the change strikes so even the way
we look at them also changes as if they
never ever been perfect before but after
they change.

Our eyes never promised us the change
but our eyes before were just blurred by
so-called a perfect picture and so the
change has to take its own place.

I guess that when we see things at the
first time we just see them with the
High speed until the moment we decide
to focus and see their true nature; the
real true picture we never thought we
would ever see.

The things we had promised ourselves
of suddenly change and change the way
we see them and those things suddenly
Turn out to be seen useless.

I guess that we just have to change while
we still have the chance before we deeply
hurt ourselves and end up taking the
different path for ourselves and so the
change happens, change the way we are
and change the way we think.