They are many things running through my mind.
Whoever thought they might fall in love
What is love, is it true that it’s something shared
Between two people, family, peers and friends

Love it’s a word which means a lot of things.

Lost in my thoughts thinking
When will I meet you,
How will our first talk be
And how will you look

A second passes still lost in my thoughts,
I can’t take it any more ‘cause what’s running in my mind is you.
You only you

I wonder whether your heart was beating like mine
When I first saw you today

Your eyes were glowing they just brought the daylight out of me.
Your smile, why can’t I take it out of my mind…Is it I am falling for you

Why can’t I look you in your eyes.
OMG I feel like my mind is going to blow
From these million thoughts

I have a question from my heart to yours
Why are you shy to talk to me, do I make you uncomfortable
Finally I asked.

I know you also have questions without answers
You wish they had answers

How long should I wait for you
‘Cause you might find me dead of these thoughts

I am helpless ‘cause I think I have found the right answer I needed
I am in love.
Perhaps you don’t feel the same

Am I over thinking my thoughts
How much it hurts to fall in love
I might as well wait for you like rain

Maybe when it rains, grass will be green for the both of us.
Or thoughts I am tired of thinking
Why can’t they just happen like in fairy tales