A time will come
When a soul will
Leave this tragic

A time will come when
Tears will be shed
But they won’t be mine
They will be the tears of
Those who pretended
As if they didn’t care
Until it was too

When I’m gone…
You will look at my
And say to yourself
I wish I was there for

When I’m gone your
Eyes will be filled
With tears just waiting
To be let loose but
You’ll be holding them back
Because you wouldn’t
Want to prove to my
Dead body that I was
Right…you’d miss me

I may not be the most
Important person in
Your life but surety
Is that I made a greater
Impact in the life you’re
Living now

Dear person we might
Not known each other
For that long but trust
Me you will never
See my smile again
As it did not occur
Very often

You will never be loved
By another person
The way I would have
Loved you as my love
Would have been
The kind you’ve
Been longing for

Dear human
There is no other person
Like me
I’ll be long gone and you
Will be wondering ‘if
Maybe I had done this
To help her’

Remember my name
Remember my face
Remember me
But don’t forget it was
You that led me to the