I didn’t understand why I don’t have everything; I work hard but still have nothing.
I sit and cry daily because my heart aches when I see people happily enjoying their fruits.
It’s like I went to school for nothing. I am unemployed with diplomas I can’t use.
It’s not like no one wants to hire me, but there are no jobs at all.
I have kids; I still want another. Who can give me that baby?
I can’t even afford it, I am single.
Who wants to be alone this days?
I never chose to be lonely but I am tired of being hurt.
I nearly broke down and killed myself when my partner hurt me deeply.
I don’t like playing; I like serious relationships where I am devoted and committed to one.
There are so many things I want, I only achieved two children; the rest is difficult.
Elders say life, life, life.
I should be grateful for the little I have, or else I would have nothing at all.