In the dead of night
Life was lifeless,
Love was loveless,
I stood up onto the mountain,
I cried out louder for the moon
To sparkle my way,
Through the darkness, the cadence of voices
Travels downwards the roof “I’m starved”
I cadge for food, money to satisfy my needs,
I hoped against hope somebody shall help.

The tears kept flowing like a roaring river,
The stomach was a cacophony as a sound of a frog,
I’ve learned if I’m born in poverty, living in poverty
I must not expect to die in that poverty,
I must turn over a new leaf and be independent
Rather than to be a burden on someone, but I was a lad
Raised by a single mother, while the father still alive and kicking
A fool at forty is a fool forever,
My words may be sound, maybe fatuous but it’s absolutely true.
I tend to go to bed on an empty stomach,
Poverty screams out and everybody hears it,
I’ve lost focus at school at a tender age.

Oh God why am I abandoned?
I felt so awful
I failed to fathom why he left,
I wished I could crawl in a small hole
And fetch my father wherever he is
To guide me, to support me often,
I’m fatigued to look for him while he doesn’t bother
My foot, arms were shaking like cold jelly,
I had to run the gauntlet of my friends
Question followed by question, “Why I’m fatherless?”
I had to run amuck and smack them because
I was very cagey about the details.

It’s hard to be abandoned,
Appreciate the present of your father,
It doesn’t matter how disabled he is,
It doesn’t matter how cruel he is,
It doesn’t matter whether he’s a drunkard
Provide his heart with the daily bread: love
And stop nursing a grudge towards him
Embrace whatever he tries because you’re better
Than those who are fatherless.
He bit the dust but instead of dancing on his grave
I cried because I was keen to get to know him,
How can I become a responsible father while I’m fatherless?
You may have a conflict with your father but love him.