My eyes turned to be reddish
when I miss you my lips turned to be dry
when I miss yours I lost body weight
when I think about you day and night
your name is everywhere I need you
you are my medicine my painkiller
to my pains I lost appetite I canโ€™t even eat
when I am thinking about you I need you
to be mine forever and ever

I barely lost everything but
you are my everything I canโ€™t lose you
my tears drop when I am thinking about you
but distance separated us I saw you crying
when you missed me I felt that
although I was far away from you
I loved you wholeheartedly
donโ€™t cry when I am gone just know
I am with you every day every second of your life
I will never leave you I will never vanish
I will always be there for you when you need me most