The dictionary speaks of
A “great affection or passion for a person
or thing that brings you pleasure”.
But what happens if there is no one there
To teach people the difference between love and lust?

People cannot give others love
because they have not been shown love in their own lives.
The reason we have abusers in the world
Is because they were never taught to love.

We find ourselves in trouble
when we start searching for love in the wrong places.
The reason so many young people are roaming the streets at night
is because they are trying to find the love
that they do not get at home.

True love is
when you do things without expecting something in return.
People don’t understand the term “God is love”.
In John 3:16 he says “God gave”.
If there is a reason that you love a specific thing
then there will be a reason to love.

If you love someone for many reasons
then there will be no reason to leave them when it’s finished.
Oh, but what is love?