I wanted to give back
we hear from a tutor
out Manenberg way

(making a difference

in learner’s lives
beating the odds there
mastering mathematics)

A chemical engineering
student is he
out Manenberg way

What were you supposing
from a place like Manenberg
and every other Manenberg
in our country-beloved
and other countries too
where there are Manenbergs

(no hewers of wood
and drawers of water
who need no science
in their primitive lives)

(no talk of maths literacy
sacrificing learners
on the altar of results)

I wanted to give back
inspiring maths marvels
(and) not just for the routine
of our 67 minutes
in the media spotlight

I wanted to give back
beating the odds
and not women and children
as is the every day

I wanted to give back
out Manenberg way

“Beating the odds” (Athlone News, December 2 2015).