What I want is a God who is black
A Saviour whose stories are not fake
Captured and fighting against slavery
Not some simple stories about the calvary
I’m speaking with the tongue of slaves
Owned by Muhammad and Abraham
This is the ink that calls them back home

The blood of my people is still on the petals
Though it’s green in the fields
We hear voices of sleeping victims of the holocaust
A history buried with the belief in the holy ghost
I don’t speak tongues like a fake protestant
Who believes in the trinity
I speak with my ancestors rejecting Vatican theology
I’m not a rebel, all I want are my Gods back

Sometimes all I wish for are good eyes
I’m fed up with these lies
Count with me the black Saints
Who was the last black Pope
How will this racism stop
The truth is covered with prayers and mysteries
This religious industry is covering racism with stories
Like the Malawian Government covering its mistakes
I’m the last Prophet after Muhammad
Don’t ask who raised me, the Lord is my shepherd

I’m the lie
I’m never the way
I’m the Calvinist
Buried in Islam
I’m the black Jew with no passion
You crucify Judas no resurrection
I’m the black hand writing the Quran
Rewriting the Bible
Kissing my Bride
And raising my Child
All I want to say is
I’m a Jewish ancestor.