Alone how do I sit on this throne?
For I am a worthless king,
a king of no queen.
Yesterday on this throne, together we sat,
I was your king for you were my queen.
We had dreams for today and tomorrow,
now, you walk away.
It’s so hard to let you be but I have to.
For some reasons, I used to enjoy pain,
I just can’t find the reason to enjoy this one.
It’s so clear for my eyes not to see,
it’s so loud for my ears not to hear and
it’s so painful for my heart not to feel.
My precious queen is leaving,
she planned and now well prepared to break loose my kingdom.

On this throne alone, how do I sit?
The question I keep asking myself.
I watch you walk away with a hungry vulture starving
for your humility and integrity as you walk away,
all ready to devour.
The sun hasn’t even set yet but already I’m cold and lonely.
I will never hear that charming voice of yours calling my name.
There will be no kiss for me in the morning nor at night.
The vultures win again.