Poet: Asavela peko
Publisher: FunDza Literacy Trust

Jah we pray for thee Africa you’ve given us
We the children of the soil fertile enough to benefit us all
Oh no Jah my people are dying to live in a classless society
Whereby poverty sponsors their bellies on daily basis
See how bad the consequences of colonisation within the African community have gone by
Poverty has blossomed nothing but evilness of division within my people
Everything falls apart with brutality
Being the charity case amongst the so-called classes within my African territory
Though oppressors jealously concurred my people
To the extent they ventured deluge of killings in my backyard
See how poor are the victims of unnecessary wars
That left Africans homeless and ripped of their African identity.

Jah we pray for thee Africa to come right again
We need your blessings and guidance to turn stones left unturned
By those who failed already to liberate our fertile soil
Wars have bullied the African generations
And left them fighting for their survival in a land away from their home
The so-called borders within our lands are worthless
Hence we burn them by the power of our Jah
We never created borders and therefore we not prisoners in our continent
Africa shall come together and firmly stand to liberate itself
From mental slavery that cursed nothing but our lives
After everything the oppressors have put us through
We embraced nothing but hatred
Because they are a representative of a cursed life time in our knowledge.

Tribalism has become the forgotten part
Due to the colonised and adopted mind-set which led us astray
We have been stripped of our African identity
To an extent that we turned our backs on our ancestors
Wealth of our continent is being shared amongst the rich, for what good reason foreigners?
Civil and international wars have created enough damage in our lives
Poverty has made my people dehydrated in their home
Manslaughter has invited nightmares for the Africans
Fights have led to us being bad mouthed across the world.

Jah, under your name we pray for the unity of our beloved African once again
Unity can tear any ties tied for the negative agenda of the evil ones
Unemployment rate rise every year timeously worse and worse
It can turn intruders to confess as to why they sold Africa to the foreigners
Let us wash the blood away from our hands and bring liberty because we are one
We want nothing but peace and full control over our continent as well as its wealth
We demand back what really belongs to us along with social freedom
Repossession shall take place with immediate effect;
It must be clear who the foreigners in Africa really are.

I lay no blame in anyone but those who’ve wronged us in our furtile land of Africa
I wish that you can forgive in order to pass
But to never forget because whatever happened is our past
I call upon Africans to stand up firmly and claim whatever belongs to them
But never to chase away foreigners
Our dignity and respect in terms of tribes, identity, shall be given back to whom it belongs
Africa is the territory belonging to the Africans and that is forever
Day and night we shall pray for Africa to return back to what it was
Centuries back before foreigners came by
We pray for Africa Jah under your name.