Let’s talk about the smell.
Music plays which changes
the mood of everyone.
Looks like we all love the new year.
We dance to it, we shout
when midnight comes.
We drink to it.

Music changes everything about the new year.
We put our best cologne on,
Oh, the first kiss, and the first picture we take
seems important to everyone.
We move into the new year with hope and love
Prayers we take for blessings
as we take off the old clothes and
put on the new ones (the old and new year)

The meat grills on the braai
as we dance with sharp eyes
shouting the countdown to the new year.

I love New Year’s Eve.
and so does my nation,
I love 2021 just as I did 2020
Thank you God for giving me another chance
Thank you to my ancestors for helping me
cross over from 2020 to 2021
another milestone