She held my hand and touched me gently
She then said baby I love you
She had innocent eyes and I was fooled by her actions
She kissed me and made me feel like a king
She touched my body,
She kissed and licked me and again I believed her
I was so fooled
How could I believe her?
She made me smile and pleased me in every way
She was something I’ve never dreamt of
She was so saintly
She could see through me and knew how to make me happy again
She was my true African Queen

Was she mine or wasn’t she?

She packed her things and left
She got into his car, I tried to hold her back but I couldn’t
I watched, because that’s all I could do.
How could I have entertained such idiocy?
She made me believe she was mine
I believed she was the one
Was she the one?