A journey consist of borders
An easy walk to failure but hard enough to success
Mountains and mist standing on the path ahead
Rivers to wipe away mistakes and slow momentum
An advantage to an opportunist

A journey of one man and woman
The equilibrium of being alive
Journey though no man can succeed
The hardest river to cross between life and death
A once off opportunity with no return

A journey of a blessing
The happiness ending with heartbreak
A journey that no one can conclude alone
Indeed it’s a rope of lessons
It’s an unpredictable route at all times

A journey upon the planet earth
Special moments unexpected
A flooded street of good leading to bad
Unity recommendation as to succeed it
Opposite of the real big river is death

A journey across the racial cause
Generations inventing force
The core of my existence
A conspicuous advantage to disadvantage
The mother of a homosapien