On veranda I sat
Gazing up the sky
Nimbo clouds gathering her muscles
She looks so fierce and sullen
And wind so commanding
Command mighty trees
To dance to her tune
Surrendering its leaves
And its bouncy branches
Soon, heavy rains fed hungry soil.

The following day
Era, the rising of the sun
And the fading of the darkness
In the dawn of showers.
Going to the fields
Passing through Kafisi
In sticky of muddy
On this earth road to Khwisa

I love walking in rain
I hate getting wet
From home to the fields
Walking in sick weather

Looking to both sides
At Mpezeni and Kalambo villages
As I go along
The houses look desolated
Yet yesterday were inhabited.
But now dilapidated
The roofs are nowhere
Houses have partly fallen
The cracks have widened

As showers go on
And I am about to go down
At Kalambo bridge
Cries are heard
Of little children
Battling with cold
In one of the affected houses

After Kalambo bridge
Soon after leveling the hill
At the Kalambo graveyard.
Just few yards ahead
Before Matola graveyard
And Mchenga ephemeral river
Looking to the left hand side
A swampy stand by the roadside
I heard frogs singing
Rejoicing in the showers
Their home rehabilitated.

Going on, in Matola village
Passing the graveyard
And Mchenga ephemeral river
Through to Nkhwinimba
Crossing the bridge
As I am getting wet
Wet clothes cling to my body
Sending chill sensation all over me
Interfering with my homeostasis

Upon arrival at Chintendere village
In an effort to overcome cold
My body jerks violently
Trembling in shivers
As I am preparing tobacco seedlings
For transplanting in tobacco field
Persistent showers
Matured to heavy downpours