I was told I have a right to share my opinion,
I have a right to freedom of speech but
now they say I can’t exercise that right.
How do I cope without speaking my mind?
You can’t change being born voiceless,
but you can choose what to do in the situation.
I chose to become the voice of the voiceless.

How do you share your mind when brainstorming?
Do you raise your hand to be noticed? Or
do you keep quite until you get asked?
If only we were treated normally;
if only our thoughts and opinions counted.
But we are not noticed and heard,
that’s the culture of being voiceless.

Earth is one of ten planets,
that is where we belong,
on the voiceless planet
where we acknowledge ourselves.
Where we use what we have to make sense –
use our hands to make meaning.
Then use pen and paper to write down our feelings.
That is how we live, after all we are voiceless.

NOTE: This poem was written to support people who can’t talk but still
want a better and best future for themselves. It’s not over until God says it is.