New blood at higher education
Know it is inevitable
To fall in, head first
Thinking it is a matter of time.
Look at these girls crying,
Used and abused,
In exchange for knowledge
Claimed in canning.

Look at this continuing soul smiling
Appeased and satisfied,
As the list accumulates,
The, ‘I have eaten that one’ list.
Look at these boys mumbling,
Robbed and fooled
With this white elephant
Bought at a jet’s price.

Look at these continuing souls
Preaching from their ego,
Stealing from fools is not a sin
Is their selfish motto of encouragement.
Boys and girls take a deep breath
Before you rush in, to respond
To this regretful stimuli,
For regret has no remedy.

Though an early bird catches worms
Your caution must provoke your patience
To let go this cup of being a victim of circumstances
So you can escape this fate.