I need saving
From drowning in my tears
From choking on my words
From being pulled back into depression
From being pulled into the darkness

Tears flow down my face like raindrops wiping off the smile
My own words are choking me because I can’t speak my heart out
Happiness lasts for a few seconds while depression lasts for an entire month
I see the light but I can’t reach it
The darkness has become my comfort zone
But the darkness is one of the most dangerous places

I need🥺
I need to wipe off the tears, and just smile
I need to say what bothers me and prevent my words from choking me
I need to find my happy place and prevent depression from getting me
I need to reach out to the light no matter how far or how hard it is
I need the bright light of the sun to be my comfort zone
I need the light to be my safe place
With the light I can clearly see everything

I need a helping hand
I take your hand hoping you’ll pull me out of the darkness
But you slightly push me towards it
Will you be my happy place?
Will you be my comfort zone?
Are you going to show me the beauty of the light, of the day?
And not teach me about the beautiful glow of the stars
Because once they are gone there’s darkness of the night left