On this day love nourishes,
Like a sun that rises at the dawn,
After a horrible darkness,
Of winter nights,

It rises like a seed developing
On concrete ground,
It brainwashes all
The sad moments of love,
And highlights
The best glittering memories,

Valentine’s day
Through its glamorous colours
Of adoration,
Red that expresses
The binding of blood through love,
White that expresses peace of mind,
Leaving your face with a happy smile,
Feeling like you’re sentenced
To life imprisonment with true love,

Valentine’s day,
A day that raises all the hidden
Feelings and emotions of love,
Like water flowing gently
Pouring into the river,
Birds flapping their wings up in the sky,
Singing the melody of a lower note,
Spreading the wind of love,

Let’s open our hearts,
And embrace this unique day of love,
Let love flow in our veins,
And keep on bleeding in our hearts