Years have passed; time has gone by
Old memories are buried in an ancient grave
The laughter we once shared; the talks we once had
Are all but memories in our minds

The happiness and joy we brought to each other; is now but a thing of the past
Your touch, your smile and the gentleness of your hands
Are a tantalizing memory of a of thorny roses in full bloom in the gardens of my mind
Reality is a sharp razor stuck in my bleeding heart; how I wish you never left!

If only I could alter with the hands of time
I would take it back to the foundation of our existence; a place where dreams began
A classroom filled with laughter, alive with characters of all sorts
Where I fell for you and you failed to hold me from falling

A mesmerizing sight that swept of my feet; painted my faced with smiles
As butterflies joyed in my stomach and knees were weakened
At first, it was a general feeling of our hands touching; a transaction of emotion
Yes! A communication of what we truly felt and thought inside but scared to approach

Love in its truest forms, quantity and quality in abundance
Everything was by chance… our meeting, our holding of hands
It was not by choice… nobody asked to fall for the other
How beautiful is love when its seed is slowly growing in ones’ heart