Love can be one mountain too high to climb; too steep to step on
Yet for you I could climb that mountain in my sleep and never fall
The look in my eyes can convey the message in my heart soundlessly
Yet your ears may hear but the heart may decline
Fate for you and I is wrapped and tangled by boundaries built by humankind

Wise men say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
Yet your absence in my life is perpetual torture my soul bears testimony to
When my eyes I set on you, knees are weakened, hands are sweaty
Love overwhelms my heart and my heart internally bleeds
How do I tell you the things you do to me?

You set me off balance and sweep me off balance
You seduce me and teach my heart how to dance
How to dance to the rhythm of new found love
Like a guitarist you know exactly which strings to pull
Play me my love! Play me…

You’re a locksmith; you have all the keys to my heart
The secret codes I hold dear, you tear them apart
The destination you are bound for is none other than my emotions
Your plan is to control me and be the reason for my clumsy actions
After that your mission is accomplished

I am bound for the mountain top to conquer love and defeat lust
You are my target; your heart is my aim like the centre of a dart board
I am a duplication of Cupid my arrow is portioned for you
If I falter remember, yesterday I was a lonesome figure with no one to love
You a fallen angel from above… bound to be loved