My dream was to be a “One day leader”
but that dream has never come true
because today I just turned out into
an ‘unknown writer’

I love music especially Hip Hop music
that is my favourite genre and I don’t
care if you say most of its artists are
cursing. But if you can just ignore the
cursing you can hear their stories.

In my mind, yes I’m possessed by words.
Even when I perform I cover one of my eyes.
and that doesn’t mean I’m under the ‘Illuminati
spirit’ but I just enjoy what I say because words
are just running up and down in my veins.

Maybe you think that I’m cool kid or
a spoilt brat but no you are definitely
wrong. I’m just no one now but one day
you will hear my name being called by
almost everyone.

I’m an unknown writer but with my words
I’m a great motivator and long live you are
my greatest supporter. My favourite actor
and I just don’t care if you are my hater
just simply shut up if awunanto yothetha.