You’ll never understand my pain
or the passion I have for us.
You’re okay where you are and l can see that.
But you promised me forever
and I told you forever was too long
but this, what you do now, seems long enough.
I love you and I thought you loved me back.
With all the sweet words I created
our own world, it seemed sincere.

A place where love lives,
where the sun never forgets to shine
day and night bright like a diamond, what a star.
From the first day I saw you
I knew I was connected to you somehow
but didn’t know what to do with that connection.
I saw you several times
until I decided to confront you.
But I tried so hard to hide
my true feelings for you that I lied.

You were too cute, too beautiful to belong to me.
You were too perfect to hold me.

I was shocked as hell when
you expressed how you felt about me
and how you want us to be together forever.
Forever is this a …
I slapped myself and I read
your message several times.
Thought maybe I interpreted the message wrong.
After reading it ten times,
I realised you do love me, but how?

I’m the one who confronted him,
he wasn’t paying attention to me.
Was he just waiting for the right moment
or did I just allow him to create
this fake profile by confronting him?
I have mixed feelings …