A real image of the Potter
with a thousand stories like a picture.
Kingdoms, long slavery days,
civilization and foreign God’s that we save
Unapologetically black

A clear definition of beauty
Wonderful women with warm hearts
Lovely smiles that keep you gazing at the black stars
Daughters of mother Africa whose voice keep the sun shining
Brown lips whose ululations charm Angels

Women whose womb saw well baked heroes
John Grey Kufa, Martin Luther,
Steve Bantu Biko and Marcus Garvey
Unapologetically Black
Sons of their fathers
Whose dreams changed the world
Awekening it from nightmares
Defeating dare devils discrimination, imperialism and colonialism
As they were “no longer at ease”

When “things fall apart”
Heart that endured ‘a detention without trial’
Feet that walked ‘a long walk to freedom’
Crossing “the river between”’ centuries
Stolen treasure from the land of Zanji
Lost in the tropics and Western Indies
Unapologetically Black

Black they were born
Black to the born
Black from the past
Black as they last
Black they will last.

(For My sweet mum, E.E Chiwaya,L.Mayenda,F.B. Malombe.Briston, Tonton, Africa)