That sounds confusing
I guess,
Like a button you cannot press.
But really,
Trust is unfaithful.
You are told that trusting
Will get you trusted.
Not at all.

Think of our mothers for example:
We trusted them with our lives
Ever since we were one week old,
But they didn’t trust us with informative secrets
That should be told,
Like who is really your dad
Trust me back
And tell,
Or is he really that bad?

Think about preachers:
We trusted them,
With our ears, hearts and monies,
But they never trusted us
With the truth,
Like how Jesus ain’t coming back,
And how tithing isn’t a sign of faith
But a sign of greed,
On their part.

Trust is unfaithful,
Think politicians.
They threw their faces on us
And we returned them with crosses
In the boxes,
But like foxes,
They bite hands that fed,
And act holy
With a beacon stuck between their teeth.

Think relationships.
She spoke serious relationship
With intonation so high,
When he climbs the ladder to step up,
His actions are simply taken
As fake,
Just ways to get the cake.
Trust is unfaithful,
Maybe just maybe.
Trust is so personal.
It is not dependent on another.