I was only a Grade-8-learner-to-be.
Oh! how you entered my life, like an angel.
An angel who came to guide me for my entire life.
I never had confidence in me, but only you
And only you in the entire world had faith in me.

I knew nothing from books,
You created extra classes for me.
You never neglected me.
It was like I was your own blood.
Oh how you fed me with all kinds of food,
Oh how you dressed me with t-shirts, scarfs and
gloves, I’m so grateful.

Telkom Foundation how I hate those who discriminate against you!
You’re worth it, I now see mathematics like a piece of cake!
Remember those days you brought me stationery,
I had nothing but you made me something!
No words can describe my love for you.

There will come one of the days where you’ll see your worth
Oh how magnificent you made my life.
I’m a determined, obedient and curious young girl.