I waited, eager to see you once again
I daydream and I fantasise
Heart in my throat
I’ve been sitting here for hours
Lost in my childhood memories
Staring at these train tracks

That said the train will be here soon
Bringing along hordes of worker bees
I can hardly control my excitement
Your face I remember with tears in my eyes
Oh those long winter nights of so long ago
My longing is almost overpowering me
Gazing at these lonesome train tracks

I took extra long today in front of the mirror
What will you think of me
Am I still the girl you used to know?
Or have I changed so drastically
Have I become a stranger in your eyes
I wonder as I imagine you
Sitting there staring at the train tracks

A lifetime has passed
People have been born and died
Memories have been made
Yet the one constant in my life
Has been the memory of you
Will you laugh and smile the same way?
Will you hug and hold me just the way
You did many moons ago?
Oh how I wish the train carrying you
Would hurry along these tacks.