Why do I have to love?
Maybe it’s because God loves us.
Why does love have to hurt so much?
Because in the relationship people want to be bosses.

They forget about why their in the relationship
They end up having fights.
The relationship falls apart because of cheating.
The fact is: No matter what, in the end love hurts.

What is love?
I would say love is loving the other person for who he/she is.
Loving, honouring and respecting one another.
Love is being crazy about the other person.

Love is definitely not sex!
Guys get this the wrong way.
Love is not sex.
They want girls to have sex with them in order to prove their love to them.

If you can’t live without the other person.
If you respect and honour the other person.
If you crazy about the guy/girl.
Then definitely its love.