Traditional healers
Are the roses of the world.
The healers of the nation.

They are the best
Suffering human beings
In this world…

They are the queens
And kings of the spiritual world.
They believe in culture.

They believe in spirituality
They are the slaves of
Our ancestors…

They are the lovers
Of impepho.
Impepho makes them communicate with our ancestors…

They believe in nature.
Sometimes you can think they are crazy
When the spirit comes alive.

When amadlozi, izihlwele,
Amanyange, oogogo,
Oomkhulu visit them.

You can say they are having demons.
Because they believe in ancestors, uQamata is our God.

Yes, I am one of them.
Yes, I have a mother
Who is a sangoma.

Yes, I know the way
They are treated by people.
Treating them like trash.

But what they don’t know
Or understand is that we love ourselves.
We love who we are.

We love our beliefs
We love our ancestors
We love our God (Qamata)

But our road is not easy
There is danger, death
Hard times.

But still we are strong.
We are powerful
We are the queens and kings.

I am begging
Yes, begging you
And your family.

To love and care
For our traditional healers.
They are also human beings.

They need love, care, support
They also need family, friends
And to be encouraged.