Your rapacious souls
Have detained our progress for too long
Your impetuous minds
Have led us into this misery
Your embezzling hands
Have restricted our growth
As your improvident vision
Has over looked reality

No lame excuses
Shall we entertain
To consume or retrogress
Who scared them?

If they are scattered
Is it not your own policies?
That you made for your own riches

And break, our bowl full of soup
That consoled our hungry souls
Consuming space in our empty stomachs
As we quenched our thirst
For hope and restoration

It is time to forge the future
Be virtuous, be courageous
Look not back,
Make no same mistakes
Forsake your rapacious souls
Deny your corrupt minds

Your talk
Should not contradict your actions
Lest hypocrisy be your shadow
And limited be your powers
As you will stumble at our stumbles
And grumble at our grumbles

It has been no one man’s step
Together, step-by-step we will approach
Our destiny, our hope