I heard voices screaming
Government making speeches
I paused and listened
Save water was all they were saying

The problem got serious
They started switching water off at certain times
As a citizen I complied
For a while

I thought government was doing this for us
But listen
How much water do you think the alcohol companies are using?
Do you see any adverts setting on them restrictions?
Each year the rate of alcohol consumption increases

What about cool drink companies
How many litres of water is used by them
Does saving water even applies to them
Do they even care

Oops my bet
I believe I mentioned the untouchables
So let me change my angle
And move to a direction
Where we can comfortably breath

As if there are not more than enough cool drink companies
There are even water selling companies
Benefiting making huge profits
At an expense of people’s lives

They do not end at just selling flavoured water and pure water
They even sell tap water
Leaving people with no water
Or even worse with a statement I quote “save water”