A musician
(and a sangoma too)
releases an album
at a time
of Lockdown

He can’t perform
for crowds
in concerts
to launch

(he talks time
he talks of time
in these challenging
and changed times)

A conductor
of a classical bent
keeps busy
in the absence
of an orchestra

(he has books
the internet
and the space
in which to function)

(elsewhere we see
a city breaking down
structures people want
to call their homes)

The times
they are
and have

they tick away
these moments
that make up
a dull day

(to misquote
some hoary-old
from another time)

in time


The next

SAFM radio’s Michelle Constant has the time to interview a whole two local music-makers, on COVID-19 Lockdown Day 18; April 13 2020.