Ti Abob tse!, I go to sleep at night,
just to open my eyes in the morning to see what’s not right.
A world where my own people see the politician as a shining star,
a world where my own people don’t even know who they are.
A world where my own people have been blinded from seeing the light
where they make us walk in tunnels full of fright.
The want to cut out my tongue so I cannot teach,
they want to cut off my hands so I cannot reach.
My people beware, the devil, //gamab, is amongst us,
the devil, //gamab, wants to stop us,
But i say go forth, PHAMBILE!!
Cause //gamab sees a barrier, and //gamab smells fear,
//gamab smells you Ti Abob tse!, he know you are here…

About Fabian Stoffels
My name is fabian stoffels, koesan ti ta ge (I am koisan). Ti abob tse means “My God” in the koisan language of koekoegowab, which I’m busy learning at the moment.