This life, this life is full of shame
Is this how God meant for us to live?
If I was wise, I would say this is a curse
A sign that God is punishing us.

As I take a look back
Our parents used to have way more fun with this life compared to us
Yes, it was hard trying to live life while you were running, dodging police and bullets
But in their minds they knew what life is all about

Today going to sleep is a mission
You don’t know if you will make it to see another day
We commit more sin than we seek salvation
Yet we still bow our heads asking God for forgiveness

Life was meant to be fun after apartheid
But now I see that we are turning ourselves into slaves
Not believing in what we could offer humanity

There are these things called rumours
We spread more rumours than we believe in the truth
Our own existence brings a sour taste to my mouth
Our existence brings tears to my eyes
It is like a cold story repeated over and over again
Why do we fight each other?
Why do we kill each other?
Why is there so much hate?

People are angry
People are swearing, but for what?
It is becoming clear every day that we are our own sworn enemy

There is no love when it comes to black people
We are all over the news
We fill up the jails
We kill each other
Divorce rates go up every day
But we claim that we are a united nation
If this is not a curse then it is not the way life should be
We want a brighter tomorrow with no guaranteed present moment
Let’s get back to what is important
Before our generation is swooped off the surface of the earth
I don’t think it is fair

I ask God to forgive us for more than one sin
Bring life back to what it used to be
And bless the whole of Africa