come election time
observes a red t-shirted
and unemployed
young Khayelitsha woman
marching in the mother city

even food parcels
come our way
she says
in and between her
job-hunting and skarelling

They love us
come election time
and this time
it is budget time

The besuited ones
and other talking heads
have their budget day
making like ragged
trousered philanthropists

pressing flesh
and flesh-pressing

They love us
come election time
pity they’re not around
at or in pension queues
at or in disability queues
and on child grant days

They love us
(is it so the world over
this abusive behaviour
humanity puts up with
with blind faith)

Come election time
will you give
a little credit
and some love too

Budget-time cometh, suit-up!! post-etv evening news, 24 Feb 2020.