She was invited to her life
And that’s when hatred
Started. Allegations were
Made but she has never
Taken them into consideration.

Most of all she never gave
Them the attention they
Needed and that was what
Freaked them out the most.

They hated her guts but that
Didn’t require her to hate
Them back but to love them.
She was threatened but she
Wasn’t scared. Rumours were
Spread but she ignored them.

They tried to corrupt her
Reputation but were not
Clever enough to know
That they were building
Her spiritually but they
Hated her guts.

All the blame was shifted
To her. The main person was
Free. Her kindness was forgotten.
Good things she has done
Were no longer recognised but
Focused on the mistake she
Has committed but all in all
They hated her guts.