I looked to the kitchen, there was no food left,
Thinking about hunger had driven me to steal,
I didn’t think about anything but food,
I couldn’t think about something good,
Being hungry can sometimes change the mood.

I plan how to start this puzzle,
So I shut the door and hustle,
The night train was full with people I pick-pocketed,
Then I gave it back because I realised what I did was stupid,
Money can change your priorities,
Poverty can change your principles,
What I did was stupid I confess,
To establish true self-esteem
We must focus on our success.

Good decisions are always powerful,
Right choices can make you faithful,
Happiness can grow on our firesides,
We must be careful what we think in our minds,
Depression can make you stuck, can make confusion
It is a law of life that problems arise
when conditions are there for a solution.

Your mind is like a parachute,
You must think before you shoot,
It functions only when opened,
The soul that can speak with its eyes can also kiss gaze,
Live your life even though you face bad days.