These are the things
That come to me
In my sleep at night.

When last did you allow
Spirit to sink into,
Self, take in the not
So pretty parts.

Be attentive to the
Silent corners, listen in on
The chatter of your inner
Walls, when last?

A voice inside my head,
Reverberated and echoed,
Into thousand several thoughts.
Now these are the
Things that come to me in my sleep.

Which tongue does your
Mind wander to, for
Colourful thoughts?
Not those with time lags.

I mean extended moments of,
Searching for words to,
Describe the simplest,
Of things.

But those which,
Mind finds with ease.
These are the things,
That find me in my sleep.

They come with whispers,
And metaphors. Are you really
Good or have you gotten
Tired of giving elaborate

Answers to fickle souls
That lose sense of your
Reality after they give
Their hollow “sorry”?

Now there are the
Things that came
To me in my sleep
At night.