Young Lady, value yourself that much
Understand your worth now
Don’t be fooled by the lies they tell you
It’s okay to feel loved but be in love with yourself,
Until they really show you what they are for
Remember that every guy is after your wrapped gift
Remember how precious your wrapped gift is
Protect it, embrace it, be proud of it

It’s okay to have thoughts of unwrapping it but just don’t
It’s cool to think it’s cool to unwrap it just don’t do it under influence
It’s okay when guys think you’re ugly because you don’t want to unwrap your gift
You’re beautiful and wonderfully made by the hands of Jesus
Your gift, it’s what makes you unique
Giving it away makes you fatigue

Remember if they unwrapped it forcefully it’s not your fault
In God’s eyes you still have it like I said it’s not your fault
What matters is for you to wait for the right gift-opener to unwrap it
That gift, it tends to be opened on your honeymoon
After getting married if not
Why are you going to honeymoon with the gift that is already open?
What’s the fun of it because it’s already opened?

All I am saying is do the right thing for you to
Have it all because it’s easy because
Opening it before time can delay a person in each and every way
And remember that patience brings success
Perseverance is a great and awesome virtue