A very difficult
An unpleasant
A frightening experience
The worst nightmare

A morning came we smiled together,
Everything was all right
It was the beginning of a new chapter.

I never knew the meaning of a nightmare
Like they said you will only understand something
When it happens to you.
A goodnight that never ended.

I prayed so hard that each breath she took wasn’t her last,
On a Thursday morning you took your last breath
A nightmare in the morning

I tried so hard to wake her up and she was just still
And I screamed Mom so hard
And I said Mom Mom wake up wake up Mom
But Mommy was so silent

I stood there with a confused mind
I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed
I saw my strong Mother lying in bed helplessly
And I said that is not the woman who raised me,
Then a silent tear dropped.

Mom tell me this is a nightmare but Mom was no more