The sun, the moon stares at your beauty
You’re truly exceptional
At the sight of you
Men cannot catch their breath
Their sleep flees in your presence
Truly you are a precious jewel
That makes even strangers forget their homes
Your persona captivates people’s hearts
So that even men in tuxedos
Are willing to carry you across muddy places
The way men parade themselves over you
One cannot help but ask

What is it that you have that captures even married men’s hearts
Could it really be true love that men profess to you
Tell us, what really is the secret of all this drama we see
Even though you would say you’re espoused to someone
Still some would run to court to get you by all means
In your presence, you leave men so restless
That men would risk their jobs just for you
I wonder what kind of woman you are
Women would watch their husbands slip off their hands because of you
Have you come to destroy relationships?
We were better off without you, women would whisper to themselves
You’ve brought divisions among us
You’re truly a beauty, that amazes us all
You are the cherished desire of even the unborn children
Your age does not matter to any at all
They say when it comes to you, beauty never ceases
In old age you get even more beautiful
Politica, who gave birth to you?
Really I must confess, I am truly amazed by you
You are none other than politics in Africa
Perhaps even all over the world
I must say, like a woman, one cannot describe your beauty